2018 – Rules


Rules for Coffin It Up 2018

1. The players draw up a list of 10 Nobs, that they think will die during the year commencing on the day of the KV Memorial Lunch 2017, 15th. December, up to the day of the KV Christmas lunch 2017.

2. A Nob is someone who is well known or famous,
– but not just famous for being ill,
– not just famous for being old,
– not just in ‘whos who’,
– not just Military, Judicial, Civil Service or Royal flunkies,
– and must be known to everybody or at least most people in our game.

3. Selections should still be alive on the 15th. December 2017.

4. The list is ranked from 1 to 10, the person considered most likely to die at no.1.

5. The lists of Nobs will be vetted for ‘famousness’. DB & SH to be the adjudicators.

6. Points are awarded if the selection dies – 10 points for the number 1, 9 for the number 2 etc. The selections below move up the list, ie, If no.4 dies then the no.5 and all those below move up a place. Thus increasing their potential point score by 1.

7. Double points are awarded for a unique selection.

8. Entry fee £6 (£5 prize fund, £1 administration) – winner takes all the prize fund.

9. Entry is limited to those present at the KV Memorial Christmas Lunch or by special invitation.

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